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Our 100+ agents work as a team to either sell or find your dream home or condo. All of our agents have been well trained and are experts in the Fort Lauderdale area. Feel free to contact any of the agents listed.

Dennis Matson - Broker Dennis Matson opened Galt Ocean Realty in 2004 and it quickly has grown to be the leading real estate brokerage in the Fort Lauderdale beach area. Originally from Yonkers, NY, Dennis and his family moved here in 1995. Having owned several several condos and waterfront homes - he is an expert in the local condo and single family home market. He is known as the hardest working realtor on the beach - call him anytime at 954-817-8555 or dennis@galtoceanrealty.com.

Nancy Stratford-Keeling - Call or email me today at 954-588-9126 or nancystratfordkeeling@yahoo.com.

Sharon Anderson - Call or email me today at 954-258-3818 or shander@bellsouth.net.

Lorraine Amlotte - I'm currently a Licensed Realtor in Florida and have been for the last 12 years. I specialize in beachfront properties of the Lauderdale By The Sea, Fort Lauderdale, and Pompano Beach areas. If you're looking for a Realtor who listens to your specific needs, please give me a call, text, or email. Lets work together as a team from start to finish and allow me to make the transaction as smooth as possible. Call or email me today at 954-290-7882 or lamlotte@comcast.net.

Juan Gonzalez - Call or email me today at 954-445-7294 or juanghomes@gmail.com

Nancy Welch - Call or email me at 954-655-5008 or ngwelch49@gmail.com.

Nancy Welch has been a licensed Real Estate Professional for over 40 years. She is a Real Estate Broker in Florida and California and holds the coveted GRI, CMP, TRC and SFR Designations. Real Estate is her passion and she won several sales awards for her endeavors. However, Nancy's real love is serving her clients. Nancy specializes in the sale of waterfront homes and condominiums. Nancy's husband, Neil specializes in commercial real estate.

Neil Welch - Call or email me at 954-294-6233 or nwelch@att.net

Ela Aneja - Call or email me at 954-495-5300 or tajmahalre@aol.com

Laura Lattig - Call or email me at 754-245-8863 or lauralattig@gmail.com

John Fitzgerald - Call or email me at 954-224-8022 or john@wmgfl.com

Sharrie Miller - Call or email me today at 954-683-7635 or millersa61@aol.com

Tim Ryan - Call or email me at 518-892-8964 or tryan24@verizon.net.

Tim is a licensed Real Estate Agent in both Florida and New York. He is a graduate of Gold Coast School of Real Estate in Florida and Manfred Real Estate Learning Center in New York. Tim continued his real estate education by earning his GRI - Graduate in Real Estate - from the Realtor Institute.
He is a active member of the following Real Estate Associations:
NAR - National Association of Realtors
FAR - Florida Association of Realtors
GFLR - Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtors Association
NYSAR - New York State Association of Realtors
GCAR - Greater Capital Association of Realtors

Curtis Burnam - Call or email me today at 954-593-8497 or curtisburnam@aol.com

Petra Ertl-Burnam - Call or email me today at 954-593-8495 or petraburnam@aol.com

Helene Cohen - Call or email me today at 732-762-5640 or helenecohen0914@gmail.com.

Jeanna Jones - Call or email me today at 615-424-2872 or jeannajonesrealtor@gmail.com.

Regent "Reggie" Lajoie - Call or email me today at 954-817-5459 or reglaj1113@aol.com

Karin Deida - Call or email me today at 754-366-1243 or kadeida@att.net.

Renate Kurth - Call or email me today at 954-793-0102 or renate@thekurthgroup.com.

Diane Hennelly- Call or email me today at 954-848-7344 or dchennelly@gmail.com.

Geran Zajicek- Call or email me today at 561-716-3230 or zgeran@hotmail.com.

Lavdrim Cami- Call or email me today at 917-270-5733 or camilavdrim@gmail.com.

Domingo Montalvo - Call or email me today at 954-684-3559 or domingormontalvo@gmail.com

Estée Pavlica - Call or email me today at 954-683-0012 or estee3@yahoo.com

Melissa Bunte - Call or email me today at 954-297-7681 or buntemelissa@gmail.com

Roy Huggins - Call or email me today at 954-303-9801 or royhhuggins@gmail.com.

Robert Cooper - Call or email me today at 954-647-0240 or rcoop29@gmail.com.

Sandra Mendes - Call or email me today at 561-235-8234 or sandramendes83@gmail.com.

Michele Proietto - Call or email me today at 954-263-9383 or ellepro18@yahoo.com

Amber Espanet - Call or email me today at 561-401-8620 or amber.galtoceanrealty@gmail.com.

Choosing the right real estate agent to help you with buying or selling a property is an important decision and having someone committed to helping you with a high level of expertise, professionalism, and ethics is my personal commitment to my clients, making sure to provide them with top notch service. My previous customers still call on me and refer me to their family and friends, that is a wonderful feeling and I always let my heart lead me in helping, guiding, and just being there for my clients. Let me help you find the place of your dreams! Dreams do still come true.

Vanessa LaForte - Call or email me today at 754-800-1369 or floridaseahomes@gmail.com

Cassondra Brandt - Call or email me at 954-770-1914 or cassybrandt1@gmail.com

Angela Felice - Call or email me at 954-609-3017 or angelafelice@aol.com

Jay Silverman -Call or email me at 954-661-2094 or jaysilvermanrealtor@gmail.com

Abdullah Canligil - Call or email me at 954-328-7668 or ancanligil@gmail.com

Demitri Rotolo - Call or email me at 954-829-0007 or demirotolo@gmail.com

Angela Dunn - Call or email me at 954-695-9617 or amdunn61@gmail.com

Joseph Erazo - Call or email me at 954-816-9016 or jerazo8159@gmail.com

Richard Fischer - Call or email me at 321-720-9522 or rfischerrealty@gmail.com

Torey Wallace - Call or email me at 954-529-7007 or toreydante@yahoo.com

Sunantha Rammohan - Call or email me at 330-717-2825 or sunanthaforhomes@gmail.com.

Marie LaForte - Call or email me at 754-777-9948 or buyproperty123@gmail.com

Francois De La Begassiere - Call or email me at 954-648-3925 or francoisdlb@gmail.com

Janet Sinclaire - Call or email me at 954-257-8846 or janetsinclaire@comcast.net

Carlos Nolasco -Call or email me at 954-937-7192 or cafen05@yahoo.com

Fabiana Meyers - Call or email me at 954-803-1516 or fabiana@bellsouth.net

Phyllis Sperling - Call or email me at 561-777-2228 or phylsperling@yahoo.com.

Mannie Zhuo - Call or email me at 561-886-7829 or manniezrealtor@aol.com

Patrice Stauffer - Call or email me at 954-632-1302 or patricestauffer@yahoo.com

Gustavo Navarro - Call or email me at 954-830-5718 or ganh17@aol.com

Halina Sosnowka - Call or email me at 954-612-5416 or hes555@yahoo.com

Kerry Caffarelli - Call or email me at 954-303-2273 or kerrycaff@bellsouth.net

Mercedes Mortensen - Call or email me at 561-305-6229 or mmortensen.realestate@gmail.com

John Lock - Call or email me at 954-232-8000 or jhlflorida@aol.com

Sylvia Adamian - Call or email me at 954-328-7552 or sylviada23@gmail.com

Betty Triliegi - Call or email me at 612-850-5999 or triliegib@gmail.com

Ron Spiegel - Call or email me at 954-214-1049 or rspieg@comcast.net.

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